Chapter 11 Marketing Homework

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Homework 11
Retailers and wholesalers add value to the marketing system because they offer something that consumers want and not just in small stores but in big stores such as Costco and wal-mart. Retailing is good because it offers individuals a small amount of goods for their own personal use. Wholesale is good for companies and big families because it offers them with more product for a cheaper price. This can only benefit small and big business because they are offering goods to all consumers in all product areas.
A contractual vertical marketing system is where firms at different levels of production and distribution work together to achieve greater economies or sales than they would on their own. These firms coordinate
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Its main attractions are its anchors: traditional, mass merchant, or discount department stores or fashion specialty stores. A typical regional center is usually enclosed with an inward orientation of the stores connected by a common walkway and parking surrounds the outside perimeter.
Superregional Center: Similar to a regional center, but because of its larger size, a superregional center has more anchors, a deeper selection of merchandise, and draws from a larger population base. As with regional centers, the typical configuration is as an enclosed mall, frequently with multilevels. Fashion/Specialty Center: A center composed mainly of upscale apparel shops, boutiques and craft shops carrying selected fashion or unique merchandise of high quality and price. These centers need not be anchored, although sometimes restaurants or entertainment can provide the draw of anchors. The physical design of the center is very sophisticated, emphasizing a rich decor and high quality landscaping. These centers usually are found in trade areas having high income levels.
Power Center: A center dominated by several large anchors, including discount department stores, off-price stores, warehouse clubs, or "category killers," i.e., stores that offer tremendous selection in a particular merchandise category at low prices. The center typically consists of several freestanding (unconnected) anchors and only a minimum amount of

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