Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
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As coca-cola faced problems in the late 1990s, Douglas Daft changed strategies and focussed on
A. price
B. quantity
C. quality
D. tailoring strategy to meet local needs
E. centralizing firm decisions in Atlanta


Profit can be defined as:
A. costs minus profits
B. the difference between time and money
C. quantity times profit
D. sales plus costs
E. the difference between TR and TC


A firm's __________ can be defined as the actions that managers take to attain the goals of the firm.
A. systems
B. value chain
C. operations
D. strategy
E. plans


Sally creates _______, when she develops a way to maximize long-term
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A. complementary
B. secondary
C. support
D. subsidiary
E. staff
19. Which function ensures that the company has the right mix of skilled people to perform its value creation activities effectively?
A. Accounting
B. Human resources
C. Materials management
D. Infrastructure
E. information services
20. The __________ function controls the transmission of physical materials through the value chain.
A. human resources
B. infrastructure
C. R & D
D. materials management
E. distribution
21. All of the following, except ____________, are included in infrastructure.
A. structure
B. employee relations
C. culture
D. control systems
E. all of these answers are correct
22. Which of the following is not something firms that operate internationally are able to do?
A Earn a greater return from the fir's distinctive skills or core competencies by leveraging those skills and
. applying them to new geographic markets.
B Earn a greater return by leveraging any valuable skills developed in foreign operations and transferring
. them to other entities within the firm's global network of operations.
C Realize location economies by dispersing individual creation activities to those locations around the
. globe where they can be performed most efficiently.
D Realize greater cost economies from experience effects by serving an expanded global market from a
. central location, and

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