Chapter 11 Review Questions1 What Is

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Chapter 11 Review Questions

1. What is the role of knowledge management and knowledge management programs in business?

Define knowledge management and explain its value to businesses.
Knowledge management is the set of processes developed in an organization to create, gather, store, maintain, transfer, apply, and disseminate the firm’s knowledge. Knowledge management promotes organizational learning and incorporates knowledge into its business processes and decision making.

Describe the important dimensions of knowledge.
A. Knowledge has a location: It’s a cognitive event involving mental models and maps of individuals; has both a social and an individual basis of knowledge.
B. Knowledge is situational: It’s conditional; it’s
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2. What are the major types of knowledge work systems and how do they provide value for firms?

Define knowledge work systems and describe the generic requirements of knowledge work systems.
Knowledge work systems are specialized systems for engineers, scientists, and other knowledge workers that are designed to promote the creation of knowledge and to ensure that new knowledge and technical expertise are properly integrated into the business.

Describe how the following systems support knowledge work: CAD, virtual reality, augmented reality, and investment workstations.
A. CAD systems automate the creation and revision of designs using computers and sophisticated graphics software.
B. Virtual reality systems have visualization, rendering, and simulation capabilities. Virtual reality systems use interactive graphics software to create computer-generated simulations that are so close to reality that users believe they are participating in a real world.
C. Investment workstations are computer systems that access and manipulate massive amounts of financial data to manage financial trades and portfolio management.

3. What are the business benefits of using intelligent techniques for knowledge management?

Define an expert system, describe how it works, and explain its value to business.
Expert systems are an intelligent technique for capturing tacit knowledge in a very specific and limited domain of human

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