Chapter 12-15: History of Michigan Test Essays

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1.Michigan entered the railroad business in 1830. The state's first working rail line (billed as the "First Train West of the Alleghenies") ran from Lake Erie to what Michigan city? A) Lansing B) Port Huron C) Battle Creek D) Kalamazoo 2.During the years 1860-1890, Michigan's commercial development was dominated by the sawing, harvesting, milling and marketing of timber. Michigan politicians (under the influence of the state's Lumber Barons) fought hard to stop a bill that would have allowed Canadian lumber to enter the U.S. duty free. The lumber was desperately needed to rebuild a major American city after what terrible disaster? A) Johnstown Flood of 1889 (Pennsylvania) B) San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 (California) C) Great Chicago…show more content…
A) TIME magazine B) "Social Justice," a newsletter published by another Detroit anti-Semite, Father Charles E. Coughlin C) Ford's own newspaper, the DEARBORN INDEPENDENT D) THE JEFFERSONIAN magazine, published by Thomas E. Watson, a Georgia politician and member of the Ku Klux Klan 12.Who is credited with driving the first gasoline-powered vehicle through the streets of Detroit in 1896? A) Henry Ford B) Ransom E. Olds C) Gottlieb Daimler D) Charles Brady King 13.What was one of the most lasting contributions that Henry Ford made to the automobile industry? A) windshield wipers B) carburetor C) left-hand drive D) electric starter 14.What Michigan city was the boyhood home for Thomas Alva Edison, one of America's greatest inventors? A) Battle Creek B) Port Huron C) Mount Clemens D) Mount Pleasant 15.Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903 and in 1908, introduced the car that not only made him famous (and a multi-millionaire), but literally put the world on wheels. What was Ford's car called? A) Model A B) Model N C) Model T D) Model K 16.Like European cathedrals in the Middle Ages, what structures in

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