Chapter 12 Assignment Template For Workforce Reduction

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Chapter 12 Assignment Template FORM 12.1.1 Name : Bhavana Pilla 1. How do you evaluate this approach to workforce reduction? What (if anything) did Abbott do right and what did he do wrong? What additional information do you need about the downsizing effort in order to fully understand the process? I think that Abbott did right by finding alternatives to workforce layoffs. It was good thought by giving early retirement to employees over the age 55. Others like cross training and sharing reduced the work on one person and improved efficiency. What he did not focus was did not strategically look for other alternatives besides getting rid of older employees by offering them retirement. He should of retained older people whose experience…show more content…
Else could have reduced the salary for all the employees for few months and this could have motivated the employees to work more to increase productivity and to save their jobs. So proper procedures to downsize with fairness all around or other plans could have been ideal instead of discriminating and ending up in a legal suit spending more money than saving any. 5. Is disparate impact theory applicable to downsizing decisions? If so, create some data that would illustrate the use of this theory of discrimination. In disparate impact theory, the plaintiff has to show that there was discrimination done by his employer. He has to show that discrimination was involved in his dismissal and not on the basis of his performance at work. The employer would be charged by the disparate impact theory if age, sex or racial discrimination is proven. 6. If prima facie evidence of age discrimination is found, what burden (if any) would Brooks Pharmaceuticals have? Brooks Pharmaceuticals have to prove that discrimination against these employees was not because of their age. The dismissal of theses employees was solely based on their performance. Failure by the company to prove the fact, there would be legal problems for the organization. FORM 12.1.2 1. Based on what you know so far, evaluate the Brooks approach to workforce reduction? What did Brooks do right and what did they do
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