Chapter 12 : The Industrial Revolution

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Chapter 12:
1. The industrial revolution was ignited with the creation of the cotton gin, which led to cotton becoming a controller of the national economy, as it tied the manufacturers in the North to the cotton farmers in the South, the revolution also began out of the invention of the plow, which made farming easier and more efficient, overall inventions led America into a capitalist marketplace that traded with the rest of the world.
2. With the invention of the steamboat, newer roads, and trains, enabled communication to become faster and more efficient, and connecting Americans to one another, thus, encouraging a deeper sense of nationalism, therefore, bringing an entire continent into a single cultural and economic unit.
3. The improvements in transportation and technology, gave way to the transition from home production to factory, as the factory needed the new technology in order to make the production of products more efficient, which meant large machines that were too big to keep in a worker’s home, thus, increasing the population in cities.
4. The growth of cities population’s allowed for the emergence of social events occurring in urban socities, such as drinking, watching games, or watching performances
5. The United States attracted many immigrants as it gave opportunity to farm or work in urban areas, which was appealing for people like the Irish, who experienced famine and depression in their home, many Irishmen moved to America, and population wise
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