Chapter 13 Margin Review Questions

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WHAP – Chapter 13
Big Picture & Margin Review

Big Picture:
Assume for the moment that the Chinese had not ended their maritime voyages in 1433. How might the subsequent development of world history have been different? Is there value in asking this kind of “what if” or counterfactual question? Or is it an irrelevant waste of time?

How does this chapter distinguish among the various kinds of societies that comprised the world of the fifteenth century? Are there other ways of categorizing the world's peoples that might work as well or better?

What would surprise a knowledgeable observer from 500 C.E., were he or she to make a global tour in the
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• Several changes would undoubtedly have surprised a knowledgeable observer, including the emergence of Islam;
• the revival of China and Western Europe;
• the collapse of the Byzantine Empire;
• the emergence of Russia and the spread of Christianity into that region;
• the emergence of states in Southeast Asia;
• the emergence of Japan;
• the emergence of powerful empires in West Africa.
• However, some features would still be recognizable, such as the persistence of Paleolithic, agricultural village, and herding societies;
• the continuance, albeit at a more intense rate, of long-distance commerce and exchange;
• the persistence of broad cultural traditions, especially in the Mesoamerican, Andean, Chinese, European, and Indian civilizations.
• A global traveler of the fifteenth century might have predicted that Islam, Buddhism, and perhaps Christianity would continue to spread;
• that the established cultural regions of China, India, the Islamic world, Christian Europe, the Andes, and Mesoamerica would continue to develop and expand;
• that long-distance commerce and exchange would continue to have an important impact on the development of civilizations;
• that empires would continue to have a growing influence on world history;
• that the regions occupied by Paleolithic, agricultural village, and herding societies would continue to shrink.

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