Chapter 13 : Politics Of Sexuality

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Andrew Logan
Professor Addison-Britto
WGS 250: Politics of Sexuality
4th Reading Review: Chapter 13

In today’s society, the term and act of bargaining is defined as the negotiation of the terms and conditions of a transaction between two or more distinct parties. Chapter 13 takes the fundamental ideas and theories of bargaining and jumps into an in depth discussion focused on how each person in a particular bargaining situation is represented. Hirshman and Larson examine an individual’s life and classify the various sexual bargains that said individual might experience at some point in their life and classify them into five subsections. During this discussion, the title of the book itself, Hard Bargains, is used heavily to describe these
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As soon as one of the individuals in the given situation refuses to allow for the bargaining conversation to take place and proceeds without the given consent, it is now considered rape. With today’s laws regarding sexual assault, the only way to avoid the committal of a crime is to have this clear conversation regarding consent. “By forcing the stronger player to bargain with the weaker player for consent, we begin to ensure mutuality as a condition for all adult sexual exchanges. Each party will get a fair and reliable chance to ask for something of what he or she wants from the sex” (271). There is extremely sound logic and moral ground behind the laws that today’s society has in place to make it illegal for adults to have sexual relations with teens and children, whether it is consensual or not. This brings us to our next notion of bargaining, in which the authors discuss the bargaining between adults and teens/children. “In childhood and adolescence, a few years represents a lot of development, and age differences can mean great differences in reason, judgment, and power” (272). When an individual goes through their pubescent stages in life, not only is there a voluminous list of physical changes noticed, but also there are many chemical and emotional changes that may go unnoticed. This being said, an adult is
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