Chapter 13 Questions 1-6 Sobel

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Homework week 1 advanced Linux Page 556 chapter 13 questions 1-6 Why would you use http or ftp instead of bit torrent for downloading large files? == you would use ftp because it does not have client authorization needed, and you would use http because it connects directly to a server to download when with bit torrent uses more TCP connections which can be blocked by firewalls.. Which command would you give to update all installed packages using yum? == yum update but if you are using older versions the yum update might not work you would need to use the yum up2date command Why would you build a package from a source code when a (binary) rpm file is available? = because a source code you can modify the shell and with a binary…show more content…
How would you display a list of all loaded modules in the current kernel? == /sbin/lsmod What command would you give to upgrade the kernel from an rpm file? == rpm -ivh kernel* and this is different from upgrading the other packages because you are only upgrading this kernel you’re not upgrading everything How would you display information from the kernel about the hard disk on the first sata channel? == The dmesg utility displays the kernel-ring buffer, where the kernel stores messages. The following command displays the lines from this buffer that contain the string sda, which refers to the first SATA disk:$ dmesg | grep sda The acpi=off kernel argument prevents acpid from starting? == the only reason why I can think of why I would use this and have the acpi not start is if the acpi in my computer is causing issues or if the computer I am using cannot handle the acpi What is a boot loader? == A boot loader is a very small program that the bootstrap process uses as it brings a computer up from off or reset to a fully functional state. The boot loader frequently resides on the starting sectors of a hard disk called the MBR (master boot record). How would you label the kernel before compiling it? ==
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