Chapter 14

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The chapter 14 case talks about Amazon, and describes its way until became one of the largest companies of online shopping, and Kindle as one of the first generation of Kindle. Amazon according to the case has no roof over its head which would mean that technically there’s not a particular shopping store where you can go and buy something. But is online shopping, and where the sellers and buyers are connected with each-other through phone calls, website, and emails as a particular way to connect every one of us. As of now Amazon is one of the biggest online sellers with almost $32.4 in 2010. Only with the amount of money that Amazon profits, we can see that it is a very big company, and pretty much the biggest one. Today there are a high…show more content…
So in this case we talk about a manufacturing, because the books, or other goods are there already, and taken out only if a customer buys it. • Location: according to the location I would say that Amazon looks like more as a service firm instead because it doesn’t require a physical production. The people creating and delivering the service can be located anywhere. Otherwise manufacturers must have a physical location for their production and stock holding operations. Production does not necessarily take place on the manufacturer's own site; it can take place at any point in the supply chain. 2. Describe the role of technology in both Amazon’s manufacturing and service operations. Operations strategy defines the way in which a firm competes in the marketplace. Examples of these strategies include (a) low cost, (b) quality, (c) speed of delivery, and (d) customization. Managers in the past had to decide which of these strategies was most applicable to the particular market segment they were serving. In so doing, they recognized that there were trade-offs involved. These traditional trade-offs are no longer valid for most businesses because technology has “raised the performance bar” by allowing firms to compete on several of these dimensions simultaneously. For example, firms using technology, such as Dell Computer, can now produce and quickly deliver individually customized products, and at a very competitive price. Technology

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