Chapter 15 Investing in Bonds

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CHAPTER 15 Investing in Bonds



| |A bond debenture is a legal document that details all of the conditions relating to a bond issue. |
| |One reason corporations sell corporate bonds is to help finance their ongoing business activities. |
| |A mortgage bond is sometimes referred to as a secured bond. |
| |A sinking fund is a fund to which annual or semiannual deposits are made for the purpose of redeeming a bond issue. |
| |A revenue bond is a bond backed by the full faith, credit, and unlimited taxing power
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Concept Check 15-1 (p. 484)

1. What is the usual face value for a corporate bond?

The usual face value of a corporate bond is $1,000, although the face value of some corporate bonds may be as high as $50,000. (p. 483)

2. In your own words, define maturity date and bond indenture.

The maturity date for a corporate bond is the date on which the corporation is to repay the borrowed money.

A bond indenture is a
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