Chapter 15 Questions

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1. Scheduling involves the timing of operations to achieve the efficient movement of units through a system. The overall objective of scheduling is faster movement of goods and services through a facility, better customer service and dependable delivery.

2. The four criteria for determining the effectiveness of a scheduling decision are
Minimize completion time
Maximize utilization
Minimize work in process
Minimize customer waiting time

3. Loading means the assignment of jobs to work or procession centers. Operations managers assign jobs to work centers so that costs, idle time, or completion times are kept to a minimum. Loading work centers takes two forms. One is oriented to capacity; the second is related to assignment
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6. What is a due date?

A due date is one of the four most popular priority rules, meaning that the job with the earliest due date is selected first. The example shown indicates that this method is most effective in category ‘d’ which is the average job lateness measurement.

7. Explain the terms flow time and lateness?

Flow time is the period required to complete a specific job or a defined amount of work. The flow time measures the time each job spends waiting plus the time it takes to be processed. Lateness refers to coming, occurring, or remaining after the correct, usual, or expected time; delayed

8. Which shop-floor scheduling rule would you prefer to apply if you were the leader of the only team of experts charged with defusing several time bombs scattered throughout your building? You can see the bombs; they are of different types. You can tell how long each one will take to defuse.

Given this situation I would most definitely use a shop-floor scheduling rule that caters to the major issues facing this situation. The fact we can see the bombs but they are of different variety plays a major factor. We are also faced with a timeline to work with which will determine what scheduling rule is selected. EDD would be select for several reasons; this would prioritize what bombs need to be defused first. From there, workers can be assigned to getting that work done. Completion time is relatively low with high
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