Chapter 16. Serial Killers Are Not A New Development. They

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Chapter 16 Serial killers are not a new development. They have been among us since the beginning of time. Evidence of this can be seen by reviewing some of the world’s most high-profile crimes; some of which remain unsolved. Serial killers are difficult to detect. They are able to move through society, masquerading as normal, healthy individuals. A serial sexual sadistic killer is a specific type of predator. Their crimes suggest that they are void of any feelings or emotion. However, theories suggest that their sadistic behavior is motivated by torturing their victims. There e three categories in which multiple murders are classified. The act of murdering a number of people in an isolated event is referred to as a mass murder. An example…show more content…
In these cases, murders are a result of either an accident during the course of the rape, an attempt to get rid of evidence or they are committed for the thrill of it. Petherick shares the five situations of these killings Dietz described by using incidents, listing Psychopathic serial sadist, crime spree killers, functionaries of organized criminal operations, custodial prisoners and asphyxiators and supposed psychotics. Petherick moves forward to explain that many other theorists have tried to categorized serial killer’s motives in order to understand their logic. Petherick explains that Fox and Levin identified five motives, ranging from power, revenge, loyalty, profit and terror. In addition to studying their motivation, other researchers have studied methods of operation (MO). Some serial killers will operate within their city while other travel abroad. Their techniques may range from a casual approach to an ambush attack. Whichever tactic serial killer chooses, they tend to maintain the same MO throughout their careers. Despite all of these theories, the most prominent distinction can be made in regards to serial killers who are organized, versus those who are unorganized. The differences between the two are polar. The organized killer is one who appears normal and functions successfully in society. They are intelligent and calculating. Disorganized serial killers are social outcasts who are of low intelligence and commit their
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