Chapter 16 : Using Beacons

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Chapter 16: Using Beacons in Payment Systems
Kris Kolodziej

Table of Contents
Chapter 16: Using Beacons in Payment Systems
Examples of Mobile Payment Solutions
Intellectual Property and Patents on Mobile Payments
BLE Beacons and Mobile Payments
Why BLE for Mobile Payments
Bluetooth security risks
Background on NFC and Mobile Payments
Mobile Payment Scenarios
Cloud-Based POS Architecture
Case Study: Downtown App (NOTES FROM CALL)

Chapter Goal:
1. Cloud payments with beacons – the architecture and the user experience
2. Case Study: Perks
3. NFC payments with beacon augmented wallets: Apple Wallet


The rise of new technologies and changing customer behavior is changing the face of payments as we know it. Consumer interest in mobile payments — the use of phones to complete transactions in stores & businesses instead of cash and physical card swipes — is on the rise.
Mobile payment solutions at a local drug store or theme park may let you buy things with your phone at the counter, but mobile payments also mean paying at the table in your favorite restaurant or in the isle of the store. Using your phone to pay removes the need to walk to a point of sale terminal to pay and can speed up the purchase process.
Effectively integrating the mobile and in-store experience has been a hot topic for some time, and one where the optimal solution has yet to be uncovered. Brands have much to gain from figuring this out as they…
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