Chapter 2 Test Political Science Pearson Essay

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1) The strength of the economy is directly tied to the monetary value of all goods and services produced in a nation each year, which is called the ________. Gina coefficients for the economy Median household income Gross domestic product Poverty line Mass production factor 2) The degree of ________in the United States is unusually high compared to other developed countries. Religiosity Political idealism Racism Demographic homogeneity Civil liberty 3) Belief in which of the following ideals is part of the core of American political culture? Government intervention Allegiance to parental homeland Caste system Strength in diversity Foreign diplomacy 4) Income inequality has increased significantly in recent…show more content…
Higher unemployment Revolution Political conflict Decreased voter turnout Apathy 16) A majority of Americans identify themselves as being part of the ________. Upper class Political elite Bible belt Proletariat Middle class 17) How do core ideals and shared values, such as liberty and self-government, serve as an important link between the history of the United States and its contemporary experiences? Such values and ideals have prevented the government from infringing on liberty. They remind Americans of the reasons this country was founded .They have kept the country unified since its founding. They have helped America to persevere in every conflict it has been in. They have led America to have the highest rates of equality in the world. 18) Culture refers to ________. Beliefs about a political system A predisposition about participation in a group or a political system Basic values about participating in a society A series of expectations of a political system A way of thinking or a mode of behavior common to a group 19) In which way do Americans best express the essence of the American Dream? Their universal support of limited government Their commitment to welfare programs Their enthusiasm for capitalism By sending humanitarian aid overseas By regularly voting in elections 20) On either end of the political spectrum, voters prefer that elected officials are aligned with ________. Agricultural interests Big

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