Chapter 23-28 Reviews on Human Genome Project

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in chapter 23, Bobbette learns from her brother-in-law that part of Henrietta is still alive. Her cells are being used in laboratories all around the world and Bobbette had no clue. She raced home telling Lawrence and Day her news. It didn't make sense how was part of Henrietta still alive after all this time. They had seen her being buried, did someone did up the body? Or maybe it was from the autopsy? In June 1973 at Yale the first steps toward the Human Genome Project was held. One of the main problems was the HeLa contamination but in order to sort everything out they needed to test for the specific markers which they needed Lacks family cooperation. Victor McKusick, one of the scientist to first publish Henrietta's name, worked at John Hopkins so he could get the information to contact the family. With access to the family cells it would allow HeLa to be studied in a new way. With accents and education as barriers when a Hopkins assistant called Day said yes because why refuse a doctor. Years later Howard Jones admitted that not enough effort to tell the Lacks family and because they were only taking blood samples no consent forms were needed. The family assumed that since it was a doctor that the tests were needed. Deborah was especially worried since her thirtieth birthday neared the same age her mother died at. She worried often about getting cancer or being injected with cancer like Southam had done to people. She had read about the Tuskgee trials and was very
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