Chapter 23: Training Time

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Morning came too soon. Initially I didn't even realize it was morning. I simply woke up and my body was already on autopilot, dressing and getting ready for my morning training session. The only thing that I remembered was my hair. Shorter than I was used to. 'That's right, because it was cut.' Everyone's attitude towards me had changed. There was no more open friendliness. No. That had been replaced with a cool caution. 'Be careful. Sane could snap at any moment and kill you.' Training brought a strange relief to me. I imagined that I was fighting Livvy, and winning of course. She was never a ‘sword’ person in my opinion, maybe that was why I was so inept at wielding swords, after all Livvy’s just a carbon copy of me. With added malice of course. I couldn’t find anyone willing to spar with me, as they were no doubt still sulking over yesterday. ‘Considering Cordelia was the one who started yesterday’s little squabble, she should be the one getting treated like the rabid wolf, not me.’ In my defense, my swordsmanship was getting better. I was holding my sword better, not dropping it as much, I was even able to do that neat spinny thing where the sword is sort of like a baton, but it’s not. ‘What’s the English word for that again?’ The next thing I decided to work on was my strength. I was getting tired of barely being able to hold back an enemy attack, it was time for me to start putting them under as much pressure as they were putting on me. A solid blow can easily
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