Chapter 3 : Crm For Enterprises

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Chapter 3 : CRM for Enterprises
3.1 Defining Enterprise’s
Enterprise means a business or a company, they are classified by # of employees into small, medium and large enterprises. With evaluating the benefits of a CRM system, which works as an important tool for enterprises these days, for various reasons. Main objectives for any enterprise to implement a CRM system as to acquire new customers, increase sales and improve revenue, streamlining the process, retain customers from losing to competitors products. CRM systems play a major role for enterprises to understand the customer behavior and the value of the customers. As CRM system give a 360 view, this only is acquired with collecting appropriate customer information, interacting with customers, customizing products and services based on various parameters, evaluating customer value by the history of purchase orders, and analyzing customer satisfaction by reviewing the relationship of customer with Organizations.

3.2 Characteristics & Benefits
[7] Enterprise have different characteristics based on their domain or industry, business models, strategies, etc. Some key differences between enterprises can be defined by the following:
• Scope of an enterprise depends on the domain, market, focused customer segment etc.
• Scale depends on the customers qualifying the scope.
• Ownership of an enterprise can be led by a single person or few or a corporate
• Management style of an enterprise varies by size of the company. For…

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