Chapter 3 ( IIi )

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Chapter 3 (III)

1. Hester recognizes a white man that has uneven shoulders and is standing with a Native American. He seems to be very smart with intelligence in his eyes and he has a deformed figure. It is obviously someone important because she gets alarmed and even clutches her baby harder, even though it is crying.

2. The man has been held captive by Native Americans in the South and wandering the wilderness with them. He was learning what he could about herbs and plant uses with them and now was in the Puritans Colony.

3. The man means that don’t speak out or act in any way that would make people suspicious of him when he puts his finger to his lips. He doesn’t want anyone to to know who he is or that he has any relation or link to Hester. He doesn’t want her to react in any way to show their connection.

4. Hester would most likely have broken down or collapsed if she had to deal with this stranger at that time. Other’s would have seen their conversation as an interview but it would have been more of an interrogation to her. She feels that the crowd would provide more sympathy and warmth than being with or under the stranger 's gaze alone. The crowd seems nicer than anything she would have to deal with after seeing the white men.

5. People tell Chillingworth that Hester is being punished for conceiving a child with a man that wasn’t her husband. She had basically had an affair even though she was married. Along with having an affair, one sin enough, she had a baby…

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