Chapter 3 Review Questions

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Chapter 3 Module Review Questions 4/17/2012 1. Which features of organizations do managers need to know about to build and use information systems successfully? What is the impact of information systems on organizations? * Define an organization and compare the technical definition of organizations with the behavioral definition. The technical definition of an organization is a stable, formal social structure that takes resources from the environment and develops them to outputs. The definition of an organization also focuses on three elements: Capital, labor, and production and products for consumption. The technical definition also infers that organizations are more stable than an informal group, and are formal legal…show more content…
For instance, IT could eliminate middle managers and their clerical support by sending information from operating units directly to senior management enabling information to be sent directly to lower-level operating units. IT even allows organizations to act as a virtual organization since they are no longer limited by geographic locations. One behavioral approach views information systems as the outcome of political competition between organizational subgroups. IT has become very involved with competition because it controls who has access to what information, and can control who does what, when, where, and how. * Explain why there is considerable organizational resistance to the introduction of information systems. There is considerable organizational resistance to new information systems because they change many important organizational dimensions, such as culture, structure, politics, and work. The first model described by the book states that changes in technology are absorbed, deflected, and defeated by organizational task arrangements, structures, and people. In this model the only way to bring about change is to change the technology, tasks, structure, and people simultaneously. A second model, which requires the need to unfreeze organizations before introducing an innovation, quickly implementing the new system, and then refreezing or institutionalizing the change. * Describe the impact of the Internet and disruptive technologies on
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