Chapter 4 : Displacement Of The Basketball

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Chapter 4: Displacement of the basketball Part 1: Fundamentals As there are many different aspects of physics found in the sport of basketball, I am going to summarise and talk about the fundamental physics that always take place on a basketball when moving, I will be defining the aspect of physics from prior knowledge and also, evaluating and explaining the main aspects of physics found in basketball and how they are applicable. The main elements of physics found in basketball that I will be analysing and talking about are Newton 's 2nd law, Gravity, Buoyancy, Drag and the Magnus effect. They all have a large effect separately and also a large effect constructively, effecting one another and also having a large effect on the sport of basketball, effecting the movement of the basketball when passing shooting or dribbling. Part 2: Gravity This is the most important force on a basketball, when the basketball is falling from a shot, being bounced to be bounced when dribbling or when being thrown for a pass. Gravity is a fundamental force meaning it can’t be broken down into other forces. Gravity is defined by the force by which masses attract one another, in other words it is a force which tries to pull two objects toward each other, taking takes effect on any object that has a mass meaning all masses have a gravitational pull. Even though all objects have a gravitational pull, the larger the magnitude of the object the stronger the gravitational pull it has.
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