Chapter 4 Of The Longman Writer

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The Longman Writer Chapters 4, 5, and 6 In brief, chapter 4 of The Longman Writer by Judith Nadell and John Lang taught the reader how to support the thesis using evidence. As an addition to chapter 3 “Identifying a Thesis”, chapter 4 emphasizes the importance of supporting the central idea by using enough evidence to convince the reader. Forms of evidence include “examples, facts, details, statistics, personal observation” (41) or anything that furthers the reader’s understanding. The evidence used should achieve three task, which are to justify how you (as the writer) feel, interest the reader, and paint a clear picture. By the same token, all evidence should follow certain characteristics, being: relevant, specific, an adequate amount of support, dramatic enough to alter reader’s feelings to your own, accurate, representative (or relatable), and genuine documentation (articles, encyclopedias, etc.) (45). For the most part, Chapter 4 conduces effective writing with evidence. Before reading chapter 4, I overlooked the point of having dramatic evidence until reading the section “The Evidence Is Dramatic”. The most effective evidence enlarges the reader’s experience by dramatizing reality. Say you plan to write an essay with the thesis, “People who affirm the value of life refuse to wear fur coats.” If, as support, you state only that most animals killed for their fur are caught in leg-hold traps. your readers will have little sense of the suffering involved. But if you write
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