Chapter 4 : Terms Of Opinion Mining

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A DATA SOURCE is a review site i where reviews are posted by people about businesses, products, or services. These sites can use Web 2.0 techniques to collect reviews from social site users or may have professional writers to give their reviews on the current topic or the product or anything else that is in news. Commonly used review sites includes, Twitter and etc.
Review sites are mostly supported by advertising. Some business review sites may allow to pay for enhanced listings which will not affect the reviews or ratings. Product review sites generally supported by providing or throwing links to the websites that sell those items that is reviewed item. With the
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IT seems that positive reviews are often written by the businesses or those person that are actually feeling good about that particular product while negative reviews may be fired by competitors, and other organization , or anyone with a grudge that is against the business being reviewed. Hence called "reputation management" firms can also submit false positive reviews or negative review on behalf of businesses. Such type of false recommendation has their own negative effects.
Furthermore, studies of research work have shown that in forums or blogs where people are capable to post opinions publicly without any hesitation ,group polarization often occurs, and its result is very positive comments, less positive, neutral , very negative comments, and little in between, meaning that those which are in between the positive or negative.
Another criticism against sites that sites owner rely on income from businesses so that they are hesitate to post negative reviews because it undermines their business model. This leads to confliction of interest.
3.1.1 Social Sites
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an database gathering information related to movies, television programs,songs and video games, and have reviews and ratings of each movie and includes cast, production crew, biographies, movie summaries etc. IDMb is a big data source. Here a list of all the movies. And every one before going to see a
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