Chapter 4 Was A Great Read, I Feel As Though This World

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Chapter 4 was a great read, I feel as though this world often creates many stereotypes about illnesses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, clinical Depression, and many other mental afflictions within the youth. Another that seems to remain controversial and misunderstood is sexual compulsive behavior that the youth have. Many see it as an excuse to act a certain way, or think a certain way; in reality it is a serious mental disorder that can cause devastating effects on the people that are consumed by them and the people who are around them. Something that is however, known about sexual compulsive behaviors is that there are certain things that can emotionally damage a person and cause them to have these behaviors. The three major…show more content…
And if it is not addressed properly, then it cannot be fixed correctly. I know watching a family member continue to fight this battle is very hard. And the youth these days do not see the harm that they are doing to themselves. He is actually fighting for his life now as the results of every type of drug abuse and alcohol abuse you can think of. Young people need to be good listeners, be accepting and don’t have a negative mind. Drug abuse is thought to be a multidetermined, maladaptive way of coping with life problems that often become habitual and leads to a progressive deterioration in life circumstances. Drug abuse is a disease in its own way. It’s damaging, mentally, physically and emotionally with each party involved. When it comes to each party involved that also means family members as well. Youth will find a way to but some sort of blame of the family for their drug addiction. Family members can be a crucial part or a great aspect of the therapy depending the situation or how important that family member plays a role in their life. Family plays an important role in our emotional development since each individual in the family system impacts and its impacted by the others. Its design to address issues that affect the health of family and the addict’s life transition or mental health conditions. Although schools have various programs and policies to

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