Chapter 5 Answer Key

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Myers Psychology 6/e Test Bank II CHAPTER 5 Sensation Learning Objectives Sensing the World: Some Basic Principles (pp. 172-177) 1. Contrast the processes of sensation and perception. 2. Distinguish between absolute and difference thresholds, and discuss research findings on subliminal stimulation. 3. Describe the phenomenon of sensory adaptation, and explain its functional value. Vision (pp. 177-188) 4. Explain the visual process, including the stimulus input, the structure of the eye, and the transduction of light energy. 5. Discuss the different levels of visual information processing and the value of parallel processing. 6. Explain the Young-Helmholtz and opponent-process theories of color vision, and describe the…show more content…
Soothing musical audiotapes accompanied by faint and imperceptible verbal messages designed to increase a desire to lose weight best illustrate: a. kinesthesis. b. sensory interaction. c. subliminal stimulation. d. parallel processing. e. difference thresholds. Subliminal stimulation, p. 173 Medium, Factual/Definitional, Objective 2, Ans: b 15. A subliminal message is one that is presented: a. while an individual is under hypnosis. b. below the absolute threshold for awareness. c. in a manner that is unconsciously persuasive. d. with very soft background music. e. repetitiously. Subliminal stimulation, p. 173 Medium, Conceptual, Objective 2, Ans: d 16. Which of the following strategies best illustrates the use of subliminal stimulation? a. A department store places flashing red lights near its sale merchandise. b. A magazine ad pictures a pack of cigarettes with a beautiful mountain stream in the background. c. A church organist plays relaxing background music during a pastor’s congregational prayer. d. A trim female figure is imperceptibly flashed on the TV screen during an ad for a weight-reduction clinic. Subliminal stimulation, p. 174 Medium, Factual/Definitional, Objective 2, Ans: c 17. Those who believe in the value of subliminal audiotapes would be wrong to claim that: a. people are capable of parallel processing. b. signal detection is influenced by a person’s motivational state. c. unconsciously processed

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