Chapter 5 Barriers To Teamwork

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Chapter Five: Improvement
The first primary objective of this thesis is to explore the factors that may influence teamwork effectiveness among patient medical teams in order to seek strategies that may be implemented to improve the quality of teamwork. This chapter provides some barriers of teamwork, suggested improvement strategies and the conclusions that have been reached regarding this study. Limitations of the study and recommendation for the future research will also be presented.
5.1 Barriers to Teamwork
There are a number of obstacles that may hinder the teamwork effectiveness. Teamwork is more challenging to accomplish for larger teams which may hinder team members to interact with each other more frequently (Lim, 2014).The larger the hospital, the lower the level of teamwork. This may be related to a more challenging work environment and ways of interact between many different medical units as the
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This means shifting attention from processes to people. The interaction between these elements is needed to realize the improvement that cannot be achieved by redesigning the work flow. Any unnecessary activities that do not add value to the quality of patient care or hinder team’s activities have to be identified and eliminated such as looking for equipment, unhelpful discussion and calls leaving all time for relevant communication among patient care teams. Patient care teams are responsible for the effective organization of the work flow to successfully do their daily activities and operations and continually improve their performance. This requires the focus on team approach, participation and empowerment of employees as well as the effective utilization of their skills since they are expert in their work and accordingly their professional experiences, knowledge and skills can be used in the improvement
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