Chapter 5 Essay

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1. Why does the Indian classical tradition dominate the musical image of South Asia in the west?

The classical music of India has gained most of the attention of outsiders probably due to the colonization era that has brought Indo-European invaders (Aryan Civilization) into their territory between 2000 and 1500 BCE due to the presence of rich resources. However, Indian music, unlike the communal music of Africa and Southeast Asia, is individual and often virtuosic and can be both vocal and instrumental. The Hindustani one (North) is more appealing to the Western society as it is more instrumental based, whereas the Carnatic (south) one is more vocally oriented. Another factor that attracts the Western attention
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Carnatic music is said to have originated in the Karnatak region of south India. On the other hand Hindustani music is said to have originated in several parts of northern and western India in different times.
While Carnatic music is sung and performed in only one style, there are various styles of singing and performing in Hindustani music. Each style of school is called a ‘gharana’.
The number of ragas used in Carnatic music is more when compared to the fewer ragas used in Hindustani music. It is interesting to note that Carnatic music is characterized by the presence of 72-melakarta raga scheme. Each of the 72 principal ragas is divided into several subordinate ragas.
Both the types of music differ in terms of the instruments used in the playing of music as well. While both types of music use instruments such as violin and flute, Hindustani music extensively employs the use of Tabla (a kind of drum or a percussion instrument), Sarangi (a stringed instrument), Santoor, Sitar, etc.
On the other hand Carnatic music extensively employs the use of musical instruments such as Veena (a stringed instrument), Mridangam (a percussion instrument), Gottuvadyam, Mandolin, Violin, Flute, Jalatarangam.
4. How do filmi songs differ from Qawwali songs?

For Qawwali

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