Chapter 5 Of A Child's Story Of The Bible

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The chapter one to five of Child’s Story of the Bible is a part of The Old Testament, which is written in old English. So there are many words and phrases that are different from modern English. Let me take some for example. What we call “You” and “Your” is “Thee” and “Thy” in the Bible. Today, we always say “I don’t know”, while in the Bible, when the Lord asked Cain that where was his brother, he answered “I know not”. Well, such examples are countless. What’s more, there are some sentences that I can’t understand, Such as “That was hard to believe, but Abram believed God always and everywhere”. Does it refer to that ‘Abram always believed God’ or ‘Abram believed God was there whenever and wherever’?

However, in terms of content itself,
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