Chapter 5 Review for the World That Trade Created

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In trade routes and otherwise greed led to violence. This was demonstrated through slavery, piracy, and control of ivory and opium. African slavery began from greed; Europeans needed labor to fuel their large trading productions and manufacturing of the traded goods. Mesoamerican slavery and destruction was caused by the Spanish conquistadors in their infamous quest for gold, god, and glory. Through greed the conquistadors decimated an entire civilization to obtain their gold. However the British and Dutch reaped many economic benefits of this perhaps even without knowledge of where their wealth had come from. Piracy, also fueled by greed, began as small bands, but eventually transformed into large companies of corporate raiders. The…show more content…
Easily seducing the Chinese with a cheep alternative for compensation, their greed for tea only grew. Becoming comfortable with their trading situation, the British were infuriated when the Chinese attempted to stop the Opium Trade. Finally resulting in battles between the British and Chinese, (know as the Opium Wars), the British were guaranteed their tea, and granted what they wanted, at the cost of violence. King Leopold II, the monarch of Belgium. Having a lack of colonies, King Leopold’s only hope for new territory would be in Africa. He began to show interest in Africa by becoming an advocate for illegal slave trade and other issues thus becoming popular among the African people. Building roads, hospitals, and other infrastructure the African population began to acquire a strong trust for him. Starting his turn on Africa, King Leopold began to use African mercenaries in 1879 to control the Kongo. His reasons for this were to control much land in Africa and declare the seized land “his” property. Gaining wealth from the trading the abundant ivory, his greed for land and tusks only grew. Natives were eventually brutalized, ears and limbs were severed off of those that opposed him. After leaving piles of dead elephants for the natives to discard, his soldiers sailed down the congo river shooting the Lunda, or Mongo for sport. King Leopold’s greed for wealth from ivory trade brought horrible violence to the people of Africa, and caused a decrease in
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