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Vanessa Pettengill February 20, 2015 Prof Yang US History Chap. 5 Text Ch5.1 – “I am not a Virginian, but an American,” declared Patrick Henry in 1775. Discuss what united the colonists and what divided them by mid-1770s. What united the colonists in the 1770’s I think began with the fact that they were all getting started here in the “New World”. They had a chance to make something of themselves and start a new life, breaking away from the restraints of British government. Some of the colonists united based on the fact that they wanted their liberities, and did not want to have to live under the rules and regulations of the British, where on the other side of that coin, there were the colonists would didn’t want to separate from the…show more content…
Discuss the rationale and ramifications of turning to the slaves for both sides and the impact on the slaves as a result. In the eyes of the British troops, recruiting slaves to fight amongst them was a win-win situation. I am sure a lot of the slaves back then wouldv’e done almost anything to get freed, and the Brit’s used this to their advantage. They also knew that it would anger the slave owners, that was another way to try and remain control over the people in the South. This would also work to their advantage because I am sure the slaves weren’t happy with their situations, and would channel that anger and hatred towards their owners into fighting against them. The slaves had families and probably recruited friends and family to help. The slaves were ripped from their homes and sold by the African people so they didn’t have their roots planted here in North America, so they was an advantage to both the colonists and the British troops. Common sense tells me that it would be more difficult for a man to commit to fighting in a war if he were surrounded by his friends and family. Where they were already ripped from them and here in a country isolated from their people, it wasn’t that difficult to walk away. The colonists also shared in the advantage that recruiting the slaves to join their militia would be easier to do considering what they were leaving. Some slave owners were good to

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