Chapter 7/ Basic Nutrition Essay

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7.1 Quiz
1. Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed into ________; water-soluble vitamins are absorbed into ________.
- the lymph; capillaries
2. Why does an individual need to make sure that they consume water-soluble vitamins more often than fat-soluble vitamins?
- In general, the body can call upon its stores of fat-soluble vitamins; whereas, most water-soluble vitamins are not stored.
3. All of the following are characteristics of the fat-soluble vitamins EXCEPT:
- they are easily absorbed and excreted in urine.
7.2/7.3/7.4 Quiz
1. Which of these is a fat-soluble vitamin?
- vitamin K
2. Which of the following adults is most likely to suffer from osteomalacia?
- vegan
3. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of what two minerals that are
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Good food sources of vitamin B12 include:
- sirloin steak, cottage cheese, and tuna.
12. Vitamin B6 helps convert tryptophan to niacin in the body.
- True
13. Which vitamin is mismatched with its deficiency?
- vitamin D - pernicious anemia
14. Dietary supplements do not require government approval before entering the market, and manufacturers alone decide whether their products are safe and effective.
- True
15. Which of the following is NOT a possible toxicity symptom associated with vitamin C excesses?
- yellowing of the skin
16. Which of the following vitamins' main role is to help synthesize proteins that help blood clot?
- K
17. All of the following are correct about vitamin E EXCEPT:
- it improves athletic endurance and skill.
18. Which of the following is NOT a good source of beta-carotene?
- French fries
19. Groups of people with high fruit and vegetable intakes often have low rates of cancer.
20. Which of the vitamins are mismatched with their alternate names?
- vitamin B6 - riboflavin
21. Absorption of vitamin B12 requires:
- intrinsic factor.
22. All of the following types of drugs can interfere with the body's use of folate EXCEPT:
- intrinsic factor.
23. Pernicious anemia is caused by a deficiency of:
- vitamin B12
24. Which of the following is correct concerning vitamin B6?
- The body's requirement for B6 is proportional to protein intakes.
25. When healthy men are given supplements of ________ their homocysteine values drop significantly.

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