Chapter 7 Exercise

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Management, 10e (Robbins) Chapter 7 Foundations of Planning
1) Planning is concerned with how objectives are to be accomplished, not what is to be accomplished.
2) Planning provides direction to managers and nonmanagers alike.
3) Even without planning, departments and individuals always work together, allowing organizations to move efficiently toward its goals.
4) Research indicates that nonplanning organizations always outperform planning organizations.
5) Goals are the foundation of organizational planning.
6) Most businesses have only one objective: to make a profit.
7) Most companies ' goals can be classified as either strategic or financial.
8) Goals and objectives are two terms used interchangeably in the planning process.
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A) react to change
B) consider the impact of change
C) respond indiscriminately
D) develop bureaucratic response models
37) Planning can 't eliminate change. Managers plan in order to ________.
A) be prepared for when changes in management at the top occurs
B) anticipate changes and develop the most effective response to changes
C) decide what needs to be done when a change in environments happen
D) have the appropriate materials available when the demand for them comes about
38) Planning gives direction, reduces the impact of change, minimizes waste and redundancy, and ________.
A) establishes the workloads for each of the departments
B) sets the basis used for promotion of individuals within the organization
C) eliminates departments that are not needed within the plan
D) sets the standards used in controlling
39) Studies of performance in organizations that plan have reached ________.
A) somewhat negative conclusions regarding the benefits of planning
B) generally mixed conclusions regarding the benefits of planning
C) generally negative conclusions regarding the benefits of planning
D) generally positive conclusions regarding the benefits of planning
40) The quality of the planning process and the appropriate implementation of the plans probably ________.
A) don 't contribute to high performance nearly as much as the extent of
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