Chapter 7 Osborn Summary

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The information from Chapter 7 will help me gather useful information to use in preparing my speeches. The book explains using personal knowledge and experience in a speech as a way for the audience to identify with me and my topic easier. I can also use it to bring some life into my speeches. (Osborn 129) I will use the information about personal experiences to appropriately add my personal experiences to my speeches. Chapter 7 mentions it is good to add personal experiences and knowledge to a speech, but I should not base my speeches off of them.(Osborn 129) Therefore I will keep that part of the book in mind as I do more research to be able to: present multiple sides of the topic (if there are other sides), expand my knowledge on the subject,…show more content…
(Osborn136) Lastly, I will use the steps to interviewing in preparing some of my speeches, when I would like to and have the availability to include an interview. I know the general idea to interviewing, but the book breaks it down and explains it in a way I can understand it better.These are the given steps: I will find people who would be possible prospects to interview, contact them via letter, prepare for the interview by making a list of questions and have most of my research done, conduct the interview, dress accordingly, let the interviewee do most of the talking, insert probes, mirror questions, verifiers, or reinforcers when needed, and then record what I learned.(Osborn 140-142) I now know how to properly prepare and conduct an interview, which allows me include information from my interviews in my speeches that I will then present. I should now be able to appropriately add personal experiences, personal knowledge, and information from my interviews to my speeches, as well as use new research techniques to refine my searches and distinguish different types of websites as a result of reading Chapter
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