Chapter 8 Exam

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PHYSICS AP/IB CH8.1,2,4 Review Guide Short Answer 1. A vault is opened by applying a force of 300 N perpendicular to the plane of the door, 0.80 m from the hinges. Find the torque due to this force about an axis through the hinges. 2. A 3.0-m rod is pivoted about its left end. A force of 6.0 N is applied perpendicular to the rod at a distance of 1.2 m from the pivot causing a ccw torque, and a force of 5.2 N is applied at the end of the rod 3.0 m from the pivot. The 5.2 N is at an angle of 30o to the rod and causes a cw torque. What is the net torque about the pivot? 3. Two children seat themselves on a seesaw. The one on the left has a weight of 400 N while the one on the right weighs 300 N. The fulcrum is at the midpoint…show more content…
The support force at the right end is 3 times the support force at the left end. How far from the right end is the woman standing? 16. A uniform 1.0-N meter stick is suspended horizontally by vertical strings attached at each end. A 2.0-N weight is suspended from the 10-cm position on the stick, another 2.0-N weight is suspended from the 50 cm position, and a 3.0-N weight is suspended from the 60 cm position. What is the tension in the string attached at the 100-cm end of the stick? PHYSICS AP/IB CH8.1,2,4 Review Guide Answer Section SHORT ANSWER 1. 240 N⋅m 2. -0.6 N·m 3. -600 N·m 4. 29.5 × 103 N 5. 0.67 m 6. 1.7 × 102 N 7. 850 N 8. 69 N 9. 4F 10. 11 N⋅m 11. 45 N 12. 51 13. 30 cm 14. 2.5 m 15. 1.6 m 16. 3.5

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