Chapter 8 LINUX Answers

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1. You have obtained a new utility, called watchit, to monitor security on your computer, and you decide to run the utility in the background. Normally, to start the utility you would enter watchit at the command line.Which of the following commands enables you to start and run this utility in the background?

b. watchit&

2. You’ve obtained over a hundred large graphics files to use in publications, but you want to be sure there is enough available disk space on your computer to store these files.Which of the following commands should you use?

a. df

3. Your company is launching a marketing campaign, and to start, you’ve created a file called promotion in normal uppercase and lowercase letters that will be used to place text for ads on
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d. traceroute

18. Your computer is slowing down because you’ve started a process that is taking most of the memory and CPU resources.Which of the following commands enables you to find the process id so you can stop that process?

a. ps

19. Which of the following commands enables you to stop the process mentioned in
Question 18?

b. kill

20. Your colleague is creating a new man page to document a manufacturing process used by your company. She wants to be able to quickly view the man page as she works on it so that she can have other people view it before copying the man page into production.Which of the following commands enables her and others to periodically review her work in a format similar to the man page format?

c. groff

21. A user on your network has received an error message that there is another computer on the same network using the same IP address, so the user cannot access the network.You send out a message to the 18 Linux users on your network to ask that they check the IP addresses on their computers and e-mail this information to you, so that you can determine who has the duplicate IP address.What utility do you tell users to run to determine their IP addresses?

a. ifconfig

22. Name two types of information that you can obtain using netstat.
(ANY two of the ones below):
Network protocol communications, network connections established by host computer, network routing information, information about computers
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