Chapter 8 Essay

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Activity Handout 7.1 Solve This Problem Choose from the list of problem scenarios below. Using the steps involved in problem solving that were discussed in this chapter, describe how you would go about solving this problem. 1. Mrs. Smith’s daycare provider is closing in four weeks. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith work full-time during the day and need daycare for their child. They have only a short period of time, however, to find a new, safe, reliable daycare provider. : I would start looking or asking people where they take their children and maybe take a look at thier daycare and see how it works out for me. Also if I didn't find a daycare within the short time of period I would quit my job for that short time that daycare is close and…show more content…
Jones said they would help his parents find an appropriate place to live but are not sure where to begin. I would look at my budget and start narrowing down the houses that are out of my range. Also I would look at rooms the house has and look at the neighbor until I find the house that has 1-2 rooms and is between my budget and also the neighbhood. 5. Sally found out through a friend that her current boyfriend has been cheating on her with another woman. She is very distraught and is not sure what to do about the situation. :I would talk to him and if he lied I would of break-up and move on with my life, but also I would need to have proof if he was cheating or hire a detective to follow him to all the places he went to. Because sometimes friends lie to see you down, and sad and maybe their the other woman that your boyfriend is seeing. Activity Handout 7.2 How Do You Think This Invention Came About? Think of an invention such as television, the electric razor, the toaster, or the blender and describe how you think this invention came about. Discuss the various steps involved in creative thinking that were outlined in this chapter. Originality- seeing unique or different solutions to a problem (After noting that electricity passing through a conductor produces a glowing red or white heat, Edison imagined using this light for pratical uses. ) Fluency- Generating a large numbers pf possible solutions (Edison tried literally hundreds of different

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