Chapter 8 Review Question

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1. How does resource scheduling tie to project priority? a. Resource scheduling is directly tied to the project priority when the priority system selects projects that best contribute to the organizations objectives, within the constraints of the resources available. “If all projects and their respective resources are computer scheduled, the feasibility and impact of adding a new project to those in process can be quickly assessed. With this information the project priority team will add a new project only if resources are available to be formally committed to that specific project” (pg 251). It is paramount that scheduling resources are realistic judgments of resources availability and project durations. For example at my current job,…show more content…
Based on my experience, by juggling more than one project at a time leads to activities being delayed and the project increases because slack reduction can create more critical activities. Reference Larson, E. W., & Gray, C. F. (2014). Project management (6th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database 3. Present six reasons scheduling resources is an important task. a. allows project managers to assess availability of resources: some may not be available at all times. Ex. An engineer working on several other projects will have to be scheduled for availability. b. allows multiple projects to be worked on concurrently if they share some/all of the same resources. c. allow project managers to control costs: for certain resource-constrained projects, money can be a resource. Ex. Lead time or shipping costs can be reduced if adequate slack is given to procurement activities. One may reduce shipping costs by requesting Ground delivery as opposed to Air Freight. d. allow project managers to assess how much flexibility they have over certain resources. Ex. Borrowing resources from another project. e. allow Project managers to assign work to human resources f. allow project managers to gauge the impact of unforeseen events: Ex. Employee turnover, equipment breakdown, shipping delays g. allow project managers
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