Chapter 9 : Appeals For Divine Intervention

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The book “Psalms As Torah” provides both insight and perspective as to the Psalms, and the Psalter. Its main premise is to explore the ethical perspective to the Psalms, moreover to highlight the ethical instruction provided. Psalms As Torah is a book in which the author seeks to bring attention to the premise that the Psalms, while mostly thought of as songs or hymns, are in addition a handbook, providing guidelines to the law of the old testament . The application of ethics, along with the law of the Old Testament is discussed throughout the book. The Psalms and the Psalter are discussed, along with the importance of various Psalms for different occasions and days of the week . The Psalms are also shown to be guidelines for how people…show more content…
Psalms were not only relegated to religious entities, they were also used by worshipers . Primarily, the psalms were committed to memory, when the reformation period brought about the invention of the printer, making access to books easier, and affordable . This book also discusses the connection to David and the Psalms. It is mostly assumed that David was the author of the majority of the Psalms . During the 19th century it was common to question that assumption, and wonder who the authors were . The Psalms are not only considered avenues of prayer, but also instruction on how to lead a godly life . The Psalms are prayers to be utilized during times of distress . The Psalter is considered holy, and memorization was encouraged . This book also stresses the importance of the scribes, and how their traditions were handed down from one generation to the next. The primary purpose of the scribes was to continue the Mesopotamian culture, and to show its lifestyle . In regards to the ethical standpoint of the Psalms, it is asked how a prayer might impact a person’s ethics? Or do ethics affect how a person prays? Does the person praying connect to the Psalms, and if so, understand their importance ? The Psalms also go back and forth between speaking in 1st and 3rd person. This is believed to help the person identify what the point of the psalm, or psalmist. This book also discusses the Psalms and their connection to the law. The significance of the

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