Chapter 9 : Appeals For Divine Intervention

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Introduction The book “Psalms As Torah” provides insight and perspective about the Psalms, and the Psalter. Its main premise is to explore the ethical perspective of the Psalms, likewise, to highlight the ethical instruction provided. Psalms As Torah is a book whereby the author seeks to highlight the premise that the Psalms, while thought of as songs or hymns, are a guidebook, which essentially serves as guidelines for the law of the Old Testament . The application of ethics, along with the law of the Old Testament is discussed throughout the book. The Psalms and the Psalter are discussed, along with the significance of various Psalms applicable to different occasions and days of the week . The Psalms are also guidelines demonstrating how people should model their life, illustrating why it is important to seek the Lord in times of distress. This paper will take a further, in depth look at chapter 9: Appeals for Divine Intervention. In this chapter, the lament, or prayer for rescue is examined. Basically, this chapter offers a description of the relationship between God and man. This chapter also discusses David, and his contribution to the Psalms. David’s contributions to the Psalms demonstrate how to pray . Divine intervention seeks God’s justice and management over a situation in the manner he deems appropriate . This chapter highlights the specific ways in which to pray, and in essence how to talk to God. Divine interventions also states that people must work

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