Chapter 9 Project 9D Recording and Assigning a Macro Essay

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In project 9D that was assigned, it provided skills that were taught throughout chapter 9 that was able to be mastered in order to complete project 9D. In this particular project we was responsible of recording/assigning a macro, being able to activate the macro in sequence , writing a set of commands, using ActiveX control buttons, and add or take away from the commands code (View Code feature). Those 3 skills was the major lesson of the entire chapter 9. This was a pretty lengthy chapter that’s full of new, interesting, and useful material.
Starting off with the first task that was being taught in chapter 9 was learning how to record a macro. Macro is a verbatim set of actions that can all be grouped into one action without the …show more content…

Now at this point in the chapter we have gotten to the Inserting ActiveX controls part but the chapter only focused on the command button and the check box. The command button allows you to insert a command control button that has a code attach activating the action when clicked on. With the command button you’re allowed to create it and set the code of demands behind it so whenever it needs to be used when working on a particular assignment you are able to click it and it performs the task that you assign for it to do. The check box allows you to turn on and turn off a function when it’s clicked on (check or unchecked). Other than the 2 ActiveX controls listed there are 10 ActiveX controls that could be quite useful whenever needed. As the book stated, the ActiveX controls are not attach to and of the workbook cells, they place wherever one would want them to be placed but in order to get the ActiveX controls active one must become really familiar with the “design mode” button that enables and disables ActiveX controls.
All of these concepts that we have learned throughout this chapter will always stick with us and be useful later in our careers. Being that the 2 other guys that worked on this assignment and I are business majors no matter which career field we go in this material will be beneficial to its utter most level. If we’re working for ourselves or working for a superior, data will always be expected to be collected. As of right now let’s say that

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