Chapter : A Short Story

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Zolah leaned against the terminal and coughed. The ground forces had finally beaten Revan’s army back. She hoped that the distraction had been enough to give the temple assault team enough time to deal with Revan. Reports poured in about a beam of light flashing through the sky, some claiming to have heard a voice. The possibilities of what it could mean send a cold shiver up her spine, but she refused to accept failure without concrete evidence. A hand rested on Zolah’s shoulder, and she turned to find Vector standing behind her. “Do we,” she paused to clear her throat again. She’d shouted orders non-stop since the first attack and her voice cracked with the strain. “Do we have casualty reports?” Vector nodded, proffering a datapad.…show more content…
“They’ve done it. Everyone is coming back.” Vector nodded, eyes still on the floor. Zolah stepped between his knees to wrap her arms around his shoulders. She pulled his head against her chest and ran her fingers through his hair. There were things that she could say to try to soothe his bruised soul, but everything sounded inadequate in her mind. Vector needed someone capable of compassion, someone who could understand his pain. “Let me send for Ashara to ease your mind,” she finally decided. “I’m sure Darth Nox won’t mind me owing her a favor.” Vector’s only response was a resigned sigh. Medical Tent #5 Cormac helped Fynta seat Jorgan on one of the triage beds and left in search of Elara. The reports he heard weren’t uplifting, and she wasn’t responding to his hails. Triage had spilled onto the battlefield, and a lot of medics were reported as injured or KIA while attempting to reach patients. Elara already had two medals for rescuing comrades under fire, so he knew exactly where she’d be. Cormac bounced from person to person, asking if they’d seen his wife, but everyone was either too distracted, or they simply didn’t know. He could feel panic rising in his chest and nearly jumped out of his skin when someone touched his arm. “Come on, we’ll find her.” Fynta took Cormac’s arm and pulled towards the speeders. He climbed on behind her grudgingly. Balic didn’t want to check the battlefield, that’s where all the dead medics were. He wasn’t as strong
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