Chapter Advisor Responsibilities

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The Chapter Advisor Team went above and beyond to ensure that the chapter’s goals were not only being met but were being surpassed at all times. Despite having a hectic schedule, the advisors made the officer team as well as the members feel welcomed to ask any questions or make any suggestions. Creating ideas was strongly encouraged amongst all officers and each position was greatly respected which was truly crucial in the decision making process for upcoming events. Since early in the semester, the executive board of officers became knowledgeable of the Phi Theta Kappa responsibilities. As an organization, the Omicron Tau chapter treated teamwork as the most important characteristic because together, they stood stronger than ever before. The advisors cooperated with each other and determined each other’s skills to help the chapter flourish with efficiency by creating an outline of responsibilities for each event to maintain an organized environment.…show more content…
The chapter members were significantly impacted by the Omicron Tau chapter by the useful information and resources provided to them. The Chapter Advisor team aided in the coordination of significant events that lead to the personal development of the members. As a chapter, Omicron Tau was consistently keeping members updated on the latest volunteering opportunities, scholarships and upcoming events. The implementation of this information into meetings and e-mails successfully reached out to students which allow them to improve themselves and become more involved in the honor society. The Advisor Team was present in meetings to further inform students if there was any issue or a student wanted to seek further information with a staff member. Keeping members informed on relevant information to their personal and career growth further developed the connection between Phi Theta Kappa and its
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