Chapter Analysis : ' Harry Potter '

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Audrey Loeffler Fields English period 1 March 9, 2014 Forget Harry Potter, This is the Boy Who Lived Pi is an incredible individual. He went on an inconceivable journey that changed him mentally. There was no way he would come back the as the same person. After going through a shipwreck, he refuses to believe that he might really be stranded. When he acknowledges that he really is lost, Pi kills for the first time for the sake of survival. His physical and religious limits are tested immensely and it transforms him forever. Pi has a definite reason to go on this journey. He explains his shock upon discovering the sinking ship, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was this water doing here?… Down there was where my family was” (Martel 129). It was that he had no choice. Pi’s life was thrown head first into a shipwreck, his happiness ground to a halt. He lost his family in his call to adventure. He has nothing to lose, until his shock drives him to near insanity, “Ravi was right. Truly I was to be the next goat. I had a wet, trembling, half-drowned, heaving and coughing three-year-old adult Bengal tiger in my lifeboat” (Martel 124). Shock is a powerful thing. Pi was so stunned he did not realize that he was helping a tiger into his lifeboat until it was too late. There is now absolutely no way Pi will not have an adventure. Staying alive is adventure enough. That is not to say Pi wants an adventure. Pi’s wants, his desires for a normal life with his family has clashed with the
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