Chapter I - Original Writing

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Chapter I:
The Beginning Our story starts in a slightly dilapidated-looking house, where a toddler’s second birthday is being celebrated
“I think I know a little someone who wants some cake... ”cooed Jack’s mom
Jack laughed cutely
“Here comes the train, through the tunnel.”
“Choo Choo!”
Knocking can be heard in the background
“What’s that noise? Jack stay right here, I’ll be... right back.” warned Jack’s mom
“What are you doing here, I told you never to come back.” shouted Jack’s mom from down the hall
“I wanted to see Jack.” “ I wanted to give him this.” said Jack’s dad
“No! You can’t see him, you’re a bad influence!”
“You’re a bad influence, I bet you didn’t even remember today was his birthday. ”
Jack’s mom went to her pistol,
A gunshot can be heard in the background.
“Give... Jack... this” croaked Jack 's dad in his last moments as he gave Jack 's mom a present.
Jack 's mom came back down the hall
“Look what I found!” She exclaimed
“Let 's go to your bedroom and find out what it is!”
Jack 's mom carried Jack to his nursery
“Oooo, look it’s a teddy bear.” “I’ll leave you in your crib with your present, and you can play for a little while. ”

The box was shaking and noises could be heard from inside the box.
“Jack, please tip the box.” grunted the box
“Why?” asked Jack
“Because I need to get out of here”
“Who are you?"
“Ermm..." "Just please tip the box”
“You sound like daddy.”
“Jack, just call me Todd" "Now push. the. box.”
Jack pushed the box over

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