Chapter II : Chapter Summaries

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INTRODUCTION I wish I could tell you that Vitya Anderson and I fell in love and never looked back. I wish I could tell you that I wake up to her every morning with my face buried in her strawberry hair. I wish I could tell you I spent the rest of my life staring at the New Jersey girl who looked as beautiful as California. I wish I could tell you we had children together, running around our backyard with their scabby knees and lemonade hands. I wish I could tell you we took a yearly vacation to the Dominican and that she got drunk every year and made a beautiful fool of herself. But I cant, I didn’t. I wrote a novel about her instead. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII…show more content…
Vitya looked to me out of the rear passenger window, frowned, and stuffed the knapsack under the seat, as if she was afraid I had someone to tell. Yet, that first day I was nothing but a fleeting thought in her mind, another face to add to the many she had seen before. I went to bed that night, hoping I would appear as a stranger in her dreams (I have heard that our brains conjure the people we have briefly seen as stand-ins for the unfamiliar characters of sleep). We met (again) by accident, as I was unaware of her summer job as the ice-cream parlor girl, when I walked into the Sugar Shoppe, my shoulders hunched and aching from having slaved all morning over my typewriter. It was the closest thing to a bar near my summer chalet, and I had forbidden myself to drive farther than five miles to find a beer. She was wearing a candy striper’s uniform, the dress cut straight and box-like, lace socks sagging around her awkward boney ankles and her hair tied back with a tired-looking ribbon. The electronic buzzer that warned her of entering customers rung it’s hollow tone as I opened the door and Vitya’s face jumped with an adorable surprise. “Hello there, what can I get for ya?” She said as she chewed the inside of her lip. She did not seem to recognize me, but I knew instantly where I had seen her before, her strawberry blonde hair already familiar and the knobbiness of her knees a welcoming sight. There was a
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