Chapter Iii:. Methods. Introduction. Chapter Two Discussed

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CHAPTER III: METHODS Introduction Chapter two discussed how today’s learners are not changing but the way in which they learn is. Integrating 21st century skills into the media framework is one way to keep the curriculum relevant and engaging. This chapter outlines three projects that show how integrating 21st century skills in the elementary media framework can create authentic and meaningful learning experiences. Project one is the creation of a scope and sequence for the use of an elementary media specialist teaching grades kindergarten through fifth. Project two is the culmination of 24 step- by- step lessons that integrate with the scope and sequence. Lastly, project three includes 24 assessment options that correspond with each of…show more content…
There are also iPads, desktop computers, document cameras, and Smartboards available for teacher use. Within this scope and sequence each of the available technologies will be used. Methodology for analysis and evaluation: The media curriculum content presented in this portfolio aligns with current ISD 659 media curriculum maps and the mission statement of Northfield Public Schools: “The mission of the Northfield Public Schools Media Program is to help all users become effective, ethical consumers and producers of information, motivated readers, and life-long learners in our ever-changing world” (“Mission Statement,” n.d). In addition to the alignment of ISD 659 curriculum maps and mission statements; Information Technology Educators of Minnesota and American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st- Century will also be used as a method of analysis and evaluation during the creation of the elementary scope and sequence. Context for implementation: These products were designed during the 2016-2017 school year; however, implementation is planned for the 2017-2018 school year. The scope and sequence acts as a guide for the practicing media specialist in implementation of 21st century skills and deployment of library media skills connected with classroom content standards. The framework offers suggestions for implementation set forth by the library media standards (AASL). This

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