Chapter Notes On Ancient Civilizations

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Angela Su 8-2-15 AP Language Chapter Notes Chapter 1 Some ancient civilizations developed writing, however, in these civilizations, journalists, people who write about and spread news, did not exist. Although there were no journalists, there were publicists, people who advertised and promoted various things. Eventually, people learn to use writing to record events. After awhile, some monarchs realize that if they can manipulate news, they help themselves more than by simply promoting themselves. Julius Caesar learns that if he makes the actions of the senate public, the senate will no longer be as mysterious. He called these public notices about the affairs within the senate the Acta Diurna. This was sent throughout the empire and helped connect the various, isolated provinces. While the powerful controlled the press, they loved it; however, as technology advanced and inventions like the printing press made literacy and the ability to publish news more accessible to the people, the affinity the rulers once had for the idea of the press diminished. By the 17th century, people can find newspapers that report on the happenings around them, but monarchs try to suppress the freedom of speech. 1. Why was literacy an important factor of power? 2. How did being able to control and manipulate news contribute to the power of monarchs? 3. How did inventions like the printing press help spread literacy? 4. How did news help unify various regions once isolated? 5. Why should the
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