Chapter Notes On The Summer Village

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Chapter 1: Mission to the Summer Village

"Neji, Tenten, Shino, you three must head to the Land of Summer. There seems to be trouble and we must put an end to any disturbance that could lead to danger." Tsunade, the fifth Hokage said. "Neji, you will be team leader."

"Yes, my lady." Neji said politely.

"This mission was sent to us by the Hikage, the Sun Shadow, greet him as if he were any other kage."

"Does the Sun even have a shadow?" Tenten asked.

The three headed out, swiftly moving through the forest as smoothly as the fish glide through rivers.

"What is the Land of Summer anyways? Isn 't summer just a season?" Tenten questioned.

"I 'm not sure, I suppose we 'll find out." Neji answered.

"I hear it is the land where the sun shines brightly everyday." Shino added.

"Wow! Wouldn 't that be beautiful!" Tenten exclaimed.

The three continued their journey across the land, eventually crossing the border from the Land of Fire to the Land of Earth. Noticing the beautiful scenario as they ventured out into the new land. As they scoured this strange area, they began to speed up their pace. They were having second thoughts about this land and wished to bypass the forest quickly. It was strange however, for they had always moved through forests with no sign of fear, or any kind of suspicion. However, this time they felt different, as though all the Land of Earth civilians had peered into their souls. Nonetheless, the journey must continue, and the three held back their…

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