Chapter One : A New Beginning

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CHAPTER ONE A NEW BEGINNING Sweat dripped down my face. The bruises on my back and sides throbbed, my broken ribs screamed in agony. Every breath was a tiny battle, every inhale and exhale evokes a gurgly rattle and a racking cough. All of this pain could be gone with one choice. A single sentence would take away all my bruises, heal my broken bones, even restore my lame leg that I was born with. One sentence. “I.... I g-grant permission!” I cried, gasping, shoving every last ounce of my strength into those words. Tears were running down my face as pain overwhelmed me at last, and my world faded into a blissful state of nothingness. * * * * * * * * * “Logan.... Logan! Get up! Are you okay? Oh! Oh God, Oh…show more content…
I was dying, and I didn’t even know how, or why, or when. I began panicking and told myself to calm down. “Oh, Logan, oh God, oh God, I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know... I didn 't think.... I mean, you always healed so fast, but-” The blonde girl blubbered. “Where am I? Who are you?” I interrupted, wanting to know what happened to me before I bled to death. Maybe if I knew I could fix it. Being logical was the only way I could keep myself from freaking out. The girl sat there, watching me, as if expecting me to say, Ha! Just kidding, I know you!, but I was dead serious - literally. Time passed quickly, as if running from the scene of a dying man and a person he didn 't remember. This wasn 't going to end well. The sun began to set as the girl sat there, staring at me, dumbfounded. And then, all at once, she began talking again. “I- I’m Jennifer, remember? I’m your girlfriend...? Do you honestly not know what happened? Did... did my bringing you back make you forget.... I stabbed you with this!!” She cried out now, holding a wooden stake in her hand. The stake was covered in blood, and it had the same metallic smell. “L-Logan, do you... do you really not remember? Do you really not remember me, or us, or anything? You don’t remember being a vampire? You-” She stopped talking abruptly, and let out a strangled sort of gurgle. Claws were embedded in her throat, sweet, intoxicating blood
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