Chapter One : Down With Big Brother

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Assignment 1

1984 Book One, Chapter One: Down With Big Brother
Summary: We are introduced to the world in which Winston Smith lives, Winston shows his discontent towards Big Brother through his illegal diary, and he realizes he might not be alone in his rebellion towards Big Brother.

1984 Book One, Chapter Two: Thoughtcrime IS Death
Summary: Winston helps his neighbor, Parsons, whose children "accuse" him of being a thoughtcriminal and reflects on how children are raised to be loyal to the Party, so much so that they would sell their own parents out, before writing in his diary more and surmising that he is already dead.

1984 Book One, Chapter Three: Memories and Dreams
Summary: Winston wakes, having dreamed about his family and a so called Golden Country, before doing his exercises which bring forth memories of his childhood.

1984 Book One, Chapter Four: Changing the Past
Summary: Winston works in the Record Department, sorting through articles to make them up to date and aligned with Big Brother 's predictions, when he comes across one that was very difficult where Big Brother praised a certain group who later became a disgrace, causing them to disappear and he later determines that there are people other than him working on the same piece of work.

1984 Book One, Chapter Five: Suspicious
Summary: In the lunch room, Winston talks with Syme and Parsons, two of his fellow comrades, about Newspeak and Parson 's…

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